Meet the neighbors!

When you’re on a safari, or other wildlife-centered trip, you can spend lots of time in jeeps on bumpy roads searching for the animals.

But, then, sometimes you don’t have to. Because they come to you….maybe joining you for lunch….Elephant_Neighbor

Or you discover another visitor enjoying the open-air deck of the chalet next door. (Actually, this is why we were told to close and lock [yes, lock] the doors because the baboons know how to open them and they love helping themselves to anything that looks like fun…your camera, your shirt, your bra….) We saw one young guy scampering off with what looked like a turquoise pair of shorts, or maybe a skirt.


And then there are the neighbors who “serenade” you at night. These guys and gals congregated in the lagoon at the far end of the lodge property, just outside Wendy’s chalet. (Remember Wendy aka Windy?) The hippos in this photo are looking very chill, but Wendy said their grunting was quite loud at bedtime. Sleeping was a bit difficult, but having a herd of hungry, hungry hippos munching on the grasses just yards away was worth it.


Mystery Safari Photo

Do you know what this is?  To state the obvious, yes, it’s a bird. (I have to include that comment for certain friends of mine who would immediately respond with that answer to the question. Yes, you. You know who are.)



But what kind of bird? Hmmmmm……

This photo was taken in Botswana, specifically in a marshy area of the Okavango Delta.

Safari Time!

Here we are outside the airport in Maun, Botswana, ready to drive four hours over really bad dirt roads to our tented camp in the Okavanga Delta. Do I look ready?

I know Penguin About Town is ready!


Believe it or not, as much as I love taking photos of Penguin (and my own feet), I’ve got way more (lots and lots more) photos of elephants, leopards, lions, giraffes, hippos, impalas, water bucks, cape buffalo, wildebeest, and even a banded mongoose. Ever seen a banded mongoose? Here’s one to whet your appetite while I try to get iPhoto to play nicely with me.

dsc_0081Well, okay, that’s more than one banded mongoose. Bonus!

More photos – and the “joy” of rupturing one of your lumbar discs while on vacation – next time!

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