Purple peter picked a peck of pickled people eating pi

….uh…what? Exactly what I was thinking when I woke up the other night. I don’t usually dream about food, especially…an onion???

Yet there I was, carefully peeling an onion, layer by layer by layer.

But then it wasn’t an onion. It was an octopus. A purple octopus. I was peeling a purple octopus, layer by layer by layer…just like an onion. Basic CMYK

Then the purple octopus was a cake. One of those character cakes you make for a kid’s birthday party, but fancier. And I was slicing it in the smallest, narrowest pieces, like trying to find one just the right size to please that co-worker who, oh no, couldn’t eat that one or that one, but one just right with not too much frosting. (You know the type.) It was almost like I was trying to peel the purple octopus cake like an onion.

I didn’t wake up with any particular cravings for birthday cake…or onions…just a sense of “but I like octopi!” (and not for eating). They’re very smart creatures. Maybe one of them could interpret my dream for me.