Euphemisms in Camino guidebooks 

  Scattered throughout Camino guidebooks you will see the authors extol the virtue of natural paths versus the hard cold cement and asphalt interspersed along the Camino wherever it crosses cities. 

You should know that all these various phrases: gently downhill, tranquil walk, wonderful, scenic, delightful, dirt, wide country tracks, and earthen (all usually combined with some form of nature) are all really euphemisms for the same thing:

Uneven dirt tracks filled with varying layers of rocks, gravel, and pebbles — all of which prevent you from placing your feet evenly on the ground, thus increasing the strain on your knees, ankles, and toes. 

But don’t get me started on the toes. More on that later. 

2 thoughts on “Euphemisms in Camino guidebooks 

    • Yeah, but my feet can’t take it. I’ve sprained the left big toe and damaged the nail badly enough that it’s turned gray and will (soon?) be black and dead. But probably not soon enough to just fall off and cease being a problem. After 3 days of rest, it’s not getting any better. (Can’t even take the weight of the blankets on it – I’ve got my foot hanging off the edge of the bed.)

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