Zombies, Aliens, and Congressmen

There’s been much speculation in the popular media as to how the long-awaited zombie apocalypse would begin. A virus? Bacteria? A new strain of rabies? Spores from a meteorite crashed to Earth? A plague introduced by aliens or a madman? A curse cast by a sanctimonious zealot? Divine retribution for some perceived sin? A super-top-secret government experiment gone awry?

Well, the government part is right, but who would ever think our dysfunctional Congress could ever create anything?


Discover the real cause in “A Congressional Zombie Love Story” – the newest flash fiction piece in the Second Edition of my humorous horror e-book collection “Zombies and Aliens” on Amazon Kindle (Only 99 cents!). Also included: Adopt-A-Zombie.

The new edition should be available by this time tomorrow!


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